Wednesday, 9 July 2014

When Wrestlers Act podcast to launch next month

Professional wrestlers can captivate audiences of millions with their charisma, wit and athleticism, but their transition to the silver screen isn’t always a success.

About a year ago I wrote an article for the Guardian’s Clip Joint entitled ‘Wrestlers Who Act’ and thought to myself that the concept would probably make for an entertaining blog - a year has passed and still no blog.

I have a family and work full-time as a professional journalist, so finding the time and energy to pursue interests after a busy week – especially ones involving writing more copy – has been something of a challenge. And so the idea of making a podcast seems like a logical compromise.

On the When Wrestlers Act podcast we will take a light-hearted (and hopefully hilarious) look at some of the films and TV shows featuring performers known principally for their work as professional wrestlers. And I’ll be joined on each episode by a rotation of friends, fellow journalists, professional wrestlers and established broadcasters.

We are aiming for a realistic target of a full episode a fortnight, with the first episode set for release on Sunday August 17 (or for wrestling fans, the same day as Summerslam). There will also be smaller preview episodes on alternate weeks to get you in the mood for the following week.

By the launch we hope to have the technical side of things in order (including social media and iTunes), and have already set up a Twitter account @WWAPodcast and a Facebook page (that’s your cue to click ‘follow’ and ‘like’).

We want to hear your suggestions for films or TV shows you would like us to review. And if you have any suggestions for the podcast including potential advertisers and sponsors, please get in touch.

Useful links:

Twitter: @WWAPodcast.
Audioboo: /wwapodast.

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